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Double Glazed Bi Fold Windows

Double Glazed Bi Fold Windows


Hi Style double glazed bi-fold windows are a great solution to open up your house to the outside. Our bi-fold windows are becoming a popular way to link the kitchen to the outdoor entertainment area. Hi Style can provide an innovative bi-fold window solution for your home or building that is modern, energy efficient and reduces noise.

Our double glazed bi-fold windows have dual seals and multi-locking hardware that provides an airtight seal. This provides the best possible insulation so you can enjoy energy efficiency and superior noise insulation. Bi-fold windows are perfect for keeping the winter warmth inside and the hot air outside and a great way to link the inside and the outside.

Our double glazed windows are made of aluminium, powder coated, filled with Argon Gas, low in maintenance and available in a range of colours.

The Bi-fold window’s track employs duel twin sealed ball bearing rollers for a long trouble free running life. Windows come with rubber seals and foam gaskets for superior sealing. All of our double glazed windows come with quality hardware. Hi Style has a wide range of panel options available in our bi-fold window range.

Our double glazed windows and double glazed doors are affordable and comparative in price to single glazed windows and doors.

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Hi Styles double glazed doors.

  • Multiple sizing and door configurations

  • Commercial inspired design for increased resilience and low maintenance

  • High design performance

  • Bottom rolling system with heavy duty rollers

  • 19 mm Argon Gas double glazed glass

  • Mutiple sealing points for increase weather protection

  • A rebated seal for that obstruction free view

  • Keyed  hardware

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is when you have two glass panes on one frame with a gap in the middle. The gap in the middle provides a great range of benefits for a home or building. The space acts as an insulation barrier and keeps the cold air out in winter and the hot are out in summer.Did you know that 2 panes of glass with an air gap greater than 10mm stops energy loss by up to 80%?

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At last double glazing you can afford

People in Australia have embraced insulation in the walls and roofs of their homes or buildings but have not followed through with double glazed windows and double glazed doors that are essential if you want a fully insulated home or building. Don’t do half the job.

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Hi Style also has a great range of double glazed windows to accompany your doors.

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