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Double Glazed French & Entry Doors

Double Glazed French & Entry Doors


Hi Style double glazed doors are growing in popularity in Sydney due to their superior insulation properties, high quality, competitive prices and great range of styles and colours.

Double glazing is when you have two glass panes on one frame with a gap in the middle which is filled with argon gas. This gas acts as an insulator and keeps the hot air out in summer and the cold air out in winter.

Double glazed windows will help keep the temperature inside your home at around 22-24 degrees all year round and reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Hi Style Windows has a modern range of double glazed French and Entry doors suitable for any modern home or building. Our French and Entry doors are elegant in design which makes for a lasting impression of quality and style.

Our modern double glazed range and contemporary configurations means these doors will enhance any opening from the laundry to the entrance of your home. Our configurations also means these double glazed doors can open in or out.


Hi Style double glazed doors are manufactured in our own modern factory in Shanghai are constructed to meet Australian standards and come with high quality hardware built for the harsh Australian climate.

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Hi Styles double glazed doors.

  • durable door openings

  • heavy duty hinges

  • dual doored keyed hardware

  • opening in or out door options

  • double glazing with Argon Gas

  • 90 or 180 degree opening panels

  • flyscreen options.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is when you have two glass panes on one frame with a gap in the middle. The gap in the middle provides a great range of benefits for a home or building. The space acts as an insulation barrier and keeps the cold air out in winter and the hot are out in summer.Did you know that 2 panes of glass with an air gap greater than 10mm stops energy loss by up to 80%?

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At last double glazing you can afford

People in Australia have embraced insulation in the walls and roofs of their homes or buildings but have not followed through with double glazed windows and double glazed doors that are essential if you want a fully insulated home or building. Don’t do half the job.

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Hi Style also has a great range of double glazed windows to accompany your doors.

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