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Histyle windows, An International level of double glazed windows and double glazed doors at an affordable price.

Australian Standards

Hi Style Windows is a leading provider of double glazed windows and double glazed doors that meet the mandatory specifications as set out by Australian Standards AS2047 and AS1288 under the Building Code of Australia. These tests include a:

  •   Deflection Test;

  •   Operating Force Test;

  •   Air Infiltration Test;

  •   Water Penetration Resistance Test; and

  •   Ultimate Strength Test.

In our testing laboratories that are locate in our manufacturing plant, all weather conditions can be simulated through manipulation of air and water spray flow, and remote monitoring of air leakage. Deflection of windows and doors is also achievable as part of our Hi Style laboratory testing.
All Hi Style residential windows and doors also carry a performance label that confirms the windows and doors are certified to comply with the Australian Standards. Tested and approved windows will always provide the assurance of performance, be it in energy efficiency, air filtration, shading coefficient or water resistance.
Hi Style Windows can also supply high quality hardware that has been made to suite the harsh Australian climate. Our quality hardware also means you know your home or building is secure and safe.
To find out more about product certification you can visit the Australian Windows Association website where you can personally check that our certificates are genuine and our products meet Australian Standards.

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