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Double Glazed Windows & Double Glazed Doors 

Hi Style Windows is a leading Australian provider of quality double glazed windows and double glazed doors  that will make any home or building energy efficient, modern in appearance and reduce the amount of unwanted noise from entering.

Double glazed windows and doors have been growing in popularity for years due to their superior insulation properties, high quality, competitive prices and great range of styles and colours. Whilst there has always been some interested in double glazing for acoustic benefits, this is increasing as more and more people turn to double glazed windows and doors to keep that unwanted noise outside.

Did you know many people insulate their roof and their walls but don’t insulated their windows or doors?

Our staff at HiStyle Windows noticed an increase in interest in the acoustic benefits of double glazing at the recent DesignBuild Expo at the International Convention Centre in Sydney. The DesignBuild Expo showcases the latest in building, architecture, construction and design and provides the perfect platform to showcase our innovative new products, discover the latest international trends and talk to our customers.

This Expo always provides HiStyle with the opportunity to highlight our ever-increasing range of quality double glazed products, microvenisions and flyscreen solutions suitable for any residential or commercial project. At the recent Expo, there were many inquiries about the acoustic benefits of double glazing and discussions how standard 3mmm glass does little to stop noise.

HiStyle Windows has an extensive range of double glazed products that offer perfect insulation all year round, will keep those places in your home warm in winter and reduce your energy bill. Contact us for a free quote.

Every HiStyle double glazed window and double glazed door is certified which ensures our products are compliant with the National Contstruction Code. All our windows and doors carry a performance label that confirms our products comply with the Australian Standards. Find out more about our Certification.

Our Production
HiStyle Windows has a unique business model in that we are one of the few suppliers that have fabrication factories in both China and Australia. This means we have the capacity to manage projects from a small house or villa to a large scale residential development. Our fabrication factory in China only manufacturers products for the Australian market which means all our products are manufactured to meet Australian Standards.

Take a tour of our modern Chinese factory.

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In Australia, we can now enjoy the benefits that double glazing provides at prices you can afford. View our gallery to see how good our affordable double glazing products look.


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