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Louvre Windows

Louvre Windows


HiStyle louvre windows ensures your view is as uninterrupted as possible while allowing you to control airflow through your home or building. Open your louvre windows and allow the air to flow through or close them tightly to keep water and wind out. Louvre windows can provide your home or building with an attractive and practical window solution.

The Hi Style adjustable louvre window system has been designed to complement our window & door system. The window will clip to all of the HI Style product range without the use of any screws, rivets or cover plates

Louvre windows can be part of any room or design concept. The louvres come in a range of sizes allowing external screening if required and the louvre action handle firmly locks the blades in the closed position providing great security for a home or building.

Our double glazed window range is competitive in price with single glazed products but with a whole lot more benefits.

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Hi Styles double glazed doors.

  • Excellent vision and ventilation

  • UV and corrosion resistant polypropylene clips

  • Lever action handle firmly locks blades in closed position

  • Multiple handle positions for dual openings in a single frame

  • PVC weather-strips(head & sill) with overlapping blades combine for protection against the elements

  • 6mm Toughened glass blades

  • Electric operated blade opening available on request

  • Fibre mesh or stainless steel meshed Flyscreens options

  • 7 year guarantee

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is when you have two glass panes on one frame with a gap in the middle. The gap in the middle provides a great range of benefits for a home or building. The space acts as an insulation barrier and keeps the cold air out in winter and the hot are out in summer.Did you know that 2 panes of glass with an air gap greater than 10mm stops energy loss by up to 80%?

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At last double glazing you can afford

People in Australia have embraced insulation in the walls and roofs of their homes or buildings but have not followed through with double glazed windows and double glazed doors that are essential if you want a fully insulated home or building. Don’t do half the job.

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Hi Style also has a great range of double glazed windows to accompany your doors.

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