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Histyle windows, An International level of double glazed windows and double glazed doors at an affordable price.

Always Hi Style

An energy efficient and acoustically pleasing window & door system designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

Energy Efficient

Strong Design

Reduced Noise

Designed in Au

Hi Style Windows & Doors

Double glazed windows and double glazed doors will help your home or building to

  • Maintain a comfortable environment all year round.
  • Improve its marketability for years to come.
  • Be less effected by noise through insulation.
  • Be protected from bushfire.
  • Be easier to maintain.
  • Be more energy efficient.
  • Improve its BASIX score.
  • Save you money on heating and cooling cost.
  • Look modern.

Why Hi Style

Exquisite Design

Histyle windows with Vogue and Slimline Series can provide your home with beautiful and exquistie look.

Energy Efficiency

Histyle windows with double glazing can provide excellent energy savings for your home.

Reliable Quality

With investment in design & testing to ensure that our windows exceed in performance for Australian conditions, we are made to impress.

Australian designed and engineered

Histyle windows is Austrlian desgined and engineered,specially for Australian market.

Hi Style Projects

Hi Style Solutions

Building in today’s environment demands the need to satisfy many requirements such as Energy efficiency, Acoustics, Security, and Bushfire Control. The Hi Style range of products are designed to reflect these requirements

Double Glazed

Energy Efficiency

Noise Control


Designed in Australia

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