Noise Reduction

Our living and working environments are becoming increasingly noisy. Windows are an important part of your home or building and standard windows are generally poor barriers against unwanted noise entering.

Constructing new apartments, building a new home or renovating an existing one is an ideal time to consider your acoustic requirements and find window solutions to keep neighbourhood, traffic and building noise out.

Hi Style Windows, has a modern range of double glazed windows and double glazed doors specifically manufactured to improve acoustic performance. A standard window with 3mm glass does little to insulate against noise even when closed. The benefits of good insulation in your walls and ceiling can be substantially reduced by poor window design.

Most people insulate their walls and ceilings but forget about their windows or glass doors.

The most effective barrier against noise is having a secondary window or door otherwise known as a double glazed window or double glazed door. Double glazing can reduce the amount of noise entering your building by 45-55%.

The Hi Style double glazed range has been extensively researched and tested to evaluate acoustic performance. How well your windows perform at reducing noise also depends on how well they are installed. Noise can easily enter through gaps that have not been sealed off properly.

Awning and casement style windows provide a tighter seal reducing noise transmission compared to sliding windows which are not as tightly sealed. Discuss the type of noise you want to eliminate with one of our sales consultants.

Use the Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) to check the noise reduction rating of a product you are using. The higher the Rw value the more noise they will keep out. A double-glazed window comprises of 2 sheets of glass or acrylic separated by a nominated air gap between the two. It is this still air gap that creates the insulation break between the inside and outside of the window.

If you are in a very noisy area discuss the different types of acoustic solutions available with your architect or builder, engage a sound consultant or discuss your situation with one of our experienced sales staff.

Reducing noise can:

Increase happiness, contentment, and peace and quiet in your home or building

Improve the comfort levels by eliminating unwanted noise

Double glazing will Improve energy efficiency and reduce the need for costly heating and cooling.