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Hi Style Windows has a unique business model that includes a Sydney base and a manufacturing plant in Shanghai where your windows and doors are custom made. Quality is ensured when you purchase Hi Style double glazed windows and double glazed doors as we have direct control over the products manufactured at our Shanghai base.

Sydney Base
Our Sydney showroom is a showcase of the range of double glazed windows and double glazed doors available through Hi Style Windows.
Our Sydney base offers our customers a face to face professional service and a service team who can provide you with information on the benefits of double glazing, advise you on the selection of double glazed windows and doors most suitable for your project and everything else from energy ratings, glass selection, choice of surface finishes and the hardware types available.

We organise to transfer your double glazed products from the warehouse to your building site when required. We can also organise the installation of your double glazed windows and double glazed doors if required.

Our showroom is open every day. If you need to visit on the weekend, call and we can organise a time for you to visit our showroom.

Our Shanghai base main functions are to design, produce and supply high quality & high performance double glazed window and double glazed door systems for all types of construction projects. Through our Shanghai base we are able to supply double glazed products for new homes and buildings, homes and building being renovated, new and renovated high rise apartments and commercial buildings.

Our Shanghai manufacturing plant is a new and modern facility capable of producing large and small orders and can also provide storage if your building project is delayed.

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Scope of co-operation

Production and supply service

Our Shanghai production base can make not only our system. We can also process other systems of doors and windows. We use high quality materials to keep our complete products in high quality, like, Xingfa Aluminium extrusions, LISEC glass, which is from Austria, AKZO-Knobel & Interpon powder coating, Hopo international hardware brand, and more.

Inventory service

With a capacity for over 10,000 Square meters of a stock window and door system. Our Shanghai base also has the convenience for customers, for you to store your inventory and arrange delivery in advance to minimize the actual fabrication time for orders.

Joining service
Sincere and mutually a beneficial idea is the beginning of our cooperation.

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