Hi Style double glazed tilt and turn windows are truly versatile windows that provide fantastic design options for a home or building. Tilt and turn windows bring air flow, security, energy efficiency and versatility to any home or building.

Our double glazed tilt & turn window opens inwardly and tilts inwards from the top while remaining firmly closed at the bottom. This versatile window also opens sideways like a regular hinged window. Hi Style tilt & turn windows seal and lock on all four sides offering excellent noise reduction, improved energy efficiency and great security. The outside pane of glass can be easily cleaned from inside the home or building making them an ideal choice for a second story window.


Our double glazed tilt and turn windows provide:
Security & Durability
Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that all our frames are mechanically strong, tough and durable. Our double glazed windows are fitted with high-performance locking and innovative gearing mechanisms.

Energy Efficiency
Multi-chambers within the frame, combined with high-performance glazing, ensures that these windows provide excellent levels of thermal performance which reduces home heating and cooling bills.

 Styles & Finishes
Our double glazed windows have a modern finish and are available in a range of colours making them suitable for any home or building.

Affordable Double Glazing
Our double glazed windows and doors are affordable and don’t cost that much more than standard single glazed windows.

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Double glazed windows and double glazed doors will help your home or building to:

  • maintain a comfortable environment all year round.
  • improve its marketability for years to come.
  • be less effected by noise through insulation.
  • be protected from bushfire.
  • be easier to maintain.
  • be more energy efficient.
  • improve its BASIX score.
  • save you money on heating and cooling cost.
  • look modern.

Hi Style double glazed windows are manufactured in our own modern factory in Shanghai and are constructed to meet Australian standards. They come with high quality hardware built for the harsh Australian climate. View our great range of double glazed products or visit our Sydney showroom.