Our premier double glazed dual opening window provides improved functionality at no extra cost!

This new window offers two opening window styles all in the one window and is new to the Hi Style double glazed range. With this unique double glazed window you have the choice of an awning style opening, or a full 90 degree casement style opening. The window also comes fitted with fly screens and quality hardware that can withstand the harsh Australian climate.

The design of this modern window means you can choose between optimum high or partial ventilation when you want to open the window. The window handle operation allows the window to open in 2 ways. The window has 3 positions which includes:

  • an up position for locked;
  • to the side to open outwards casement style or;
  • turn the handle down for the awning window that opens into an outward position.


  • Mitred corners for that aesthetic clean design
  • European designed quality components
  • Functional 3 position keyed hardware for easy use
  • Efficient standard 19mm double glazed with toughened glass
  • Resilient improved design for increased strength and durability
  • 2 opening sash styles in 1 window frame
  • Optional retractable flyscreens
  • Optional Micro Venetian Blinds
  • Strong design for sashes up to 900mm wide
  • Multiple sashes in one frame
  • Option for fixed window in place of sashes

Performance Data

  • Double Glazing from 19mm to 29mm
  • 450pa water tested product
  • 2400 pa window rating size dependant
  • Frame Depth 100mm
  • Frame Width 35mm
  • 1800mm Maximum Height sash height
  • 900mm maximum sash width
  • 38Rw Acoustic Level (19mm IGU)
  • Maximum sash weight 70 kg
  • Reaches to BAL 29
  • Various Glass Options,
  • Clear, LOW E, Translucent Obscured


dual openingdouble glazed dual opening2Double Glazed Dual Opening Window

Turning the handle controls the mechanics and locking mechanism fitted within the frame. In the Awning position, the operating mechanism allows the sash to open outwards and lock in place providing a degree of security and optimum ventilation while the window is open. In the turn position, the sash (hinged at the side) enables the window to also open outwards to 90 degrees. All functions are one-handed and one move operated.

Our unique dual opening double glazed window offers protection from high winds, storms, noise, and intruders. They are modern in their design, are low maintenance, extremely durable and most importantly extremely affordable.

Affordable Double Glazing At Last

Did you know that as double glazing has grown in popularity over the years the price for double glazed windows and doors has dropped?

Our double glazed range is competitive in price with single glazed products but with a whole lot more benefits.
Hi Styles double glazed windows:
Are affordable
Are energy efficient
Save money on energy bills
Keep your home or office warm in winter and cool in summer
Reduce noise by up to 80%
Are low in maintenance
Provide great security
Are available in a great range of styles and colours
Are weather resistant
Are bushfire resistant

Hi Style also has a great range of double glazed doors to accompany your windows.


People in Australia have embraced insulation in the walls and roofs of their homes or buildings but have not followed through with double glazed windows and double glazed doors, that are essential if you want a fully insulated home or building.
Don’t do half the job.

View our gallery to see our great range of styles and colours. You can also watch our video that shows the modern factory where our high quality products are manufactured.