Cost of Double Glazed Doors

Did you know that the cost of a double glazed door is only about 30% more than that for a single glazed door?

A standard single glazed door 2100 mm x 1810 mm costs around $800 and a new double-glazed aluminium door will only cost around $1100. You will be amazed at the price of double glazing.

When you install double glazed doors and windows you can expect to save about 30% on your electricity bill because it won’t cost as much to heat or cool your home. If your average electricity bill is $450 per quarter your bill could be reduced to less than $350 per quarter if all your windows and doors are double glazed.

Not only will your home be cheaper to heat and cool it will also maintain a more comfortable temperature all year round and make the places in your home you spend most of your time more comfortable.

The saving you make on your electricity bill will pay for the extra cost of double glazed windows and doors in 3- 5 years. After that it is money saved year after year after year.

Double glazing is a great opportunity for you to get a fantastic return on your investment, while improving the comfort of your home.

If you are insulating your walls and your roof don’t forget your windows and doors where most of your heating and cooling is lost.

One of the biggest decision you make when renovating or building a new home is the type of windows and doors you will use because they are often a once only investment. The right choice will make your life more comfortable and help fight rising energy costs over the years.

If you can’t afford to double glaze your whole house, pay extra for double glazed doors in areas where you and your family spend a lot of time. This will help prevent hot and cold spots near windows and glass doors, giving you greater comfort in your favourite rooms.

Also consider replacing single glazed windows with double glazed windows in areas where you want natural light to enter the room. The double glazing will allow natural sunlight in but help prevent the room from overheating.

image044Did you know?
• Up to 40 per cent of your heating and cooling can be lost through a window or glass door.
• Wall insulation can only stop the loss of 20 per cent of your heating and cooling.
• Poorly designed windows and doors can make your home too hot or too cold. Correctly designed windows and doors will help maintain year-round comfort, reducing or, in some cases, even eliminate the need for heating and cooling.